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Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient Japanese healing technique that has been used for centuries for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. The word Reiki means universal life force energy; the energy found in and around all living things. It is the creative intelligence of wisdom and compassion available to each of us in unlimited supply.
The aim of this healing energy is to balance all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as well as enhance the natural power of the body to balance and heal itself.
Karuna Reiki is a system of healing that has evolved out the the Usui Reiki system. The Usui Reiki system was founded by Mikao Usui in Kyoto, Japan, and Karuna Reiki was developed by William Rand and the International Reiki Training Center in Southfield, Michigan. From Sanskrit, Karuna means compassionate action accompanied by wisdom.
The combination of the energetic essences of both Reiki modalities gives a new, deep powerful form to our world. Karuna Reiki heals at the cellular level, manifests goals, heals insomnia, brings peace and connects to our higher Self. It heals addictions, aids in mind clarity and harmonizes the energy centers of the body. Compassion is a state of consciousness which, when combined with energy, has great transformational power. Karuna Reiki goes very deep, gently but quickly. It assists us in awakening compassion for ourselves as well as for others.

Investment:  $85.00 hr.
Reiki & Gemstone Therapy........Add $25.
Reiki with Grid Work.........Add $45.

R & R / R&M
(Reiki & Reflexology) or (Reiki & Massage)

Reiki and reflexology or Reiki and Massage are a dynamic duo that work very well together for overall balance and well being of body, mind, spirit and emotion! You'll love it!
Investment:  $125./90 min. or $165./120 min.