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Vibrational Medicine or Energy Medicine is a practice that is rooted in Eastern Philosophies of medicine and based on Quantum physics. Intervention techniques utilize three major interacting systems that correlate with the individials physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states: Energy Centers (chakras), Energy pathways ( meridians and acupoints), and the human bio-field (systems of energy that envelop the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies) in order to achieve balance and wellness on all levels of being.
Various non invasive techniques are used to release blockages, and balance the electromagnetic fields of the body which serve as a matrix to physical manifestations experienced on a body, mind, spirit, emotion, level. Our goal is to find the root cause of the imbalances in the system rather than managing the problem.
The Length of a Vibrational / Energy Medicine session varies depending on individual circumstances and can be determined at the time of your scheduling.
Because Vibrational / Energy Medicine address's the 'whole' of the individual it has been proven to be effective for a full spectrum of personal and health related concerns. Below is a small sampling of its usefulness.
  • Vibrational Therapies allow individuals to accelerate healing and create balance; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Releases Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Fear, Anger, Traumatic effects of the past etc.
  • Gets to the root cause of illness, genetic disease, pain and dysfunction instead of masking and managing the symptoms
  • Creates a clear mind, increased energy, improved communication and thought process
  • Helps individuals clear repetitive patterns and allows them to manifest what they want in life
  • Opens creativity, enhances self esteem, brings feelings of peace, Joy and well being
  • Helps individuals to move from a "stuck" state of being
  • Helps individuals expand conscious awareness, understand where they are operating from, and to better develop their own intuitive skills and abilities
Fee:  $105.00 / hour