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Note: The following FAQ's are general, you will find more "therapy specific" FAQs in the service page offerings.
If I am not really ill, how do I determine whether or not I can benefit from the various therapies?
Ask yourself, how do I feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Are you happy in the various personal, social, financial, and relational aspects of your life? Do you want more for yourself in any of these areas? Do you feel you are functioning at your very best? Your answer to these questions will help you discern. Once you experience holistic balance you will understand more fully the benefits and possibilities that our modalities offer.
How often should I schedule appointments?
The Frequency of visits varies with each case and each individual. Recommendations are made and determined on the initial visit. It is our goal to empower individuals to be in tune and aware of their body so they know when to return naturally. A wellness session is recommended once or twice yearly.
If I am not ill or out of balance, is there any benefit to scheduling a session more often than the wellness recommendation?
Absolutely, there are many who find the relaxing nature and overall effect of a quartly or monthly wellness visit to be very beneficial for their Personal growth and well-being.
Can Vibrational Medicine Therapies be facilitated to an individual from a distance?
Some therapies can and are facilitated from a distance with great success. Distance is a three dimensional illusion that we have created, the more we are open to understanding this the more we remove the veil of illusion that creates limitations. A frequency of energy transmitted by an individual and received by another is no new concept especially when we think of the aborigines and other indigenous cultures who communicate telepathically as a way of life. In many ways it is a much better way of communication because there are no limitations in the form of words nor is there miscommunication in the manner in which the message is delivered. In addition to this we have to remember it is the individuals energy body and Spirit who is really doing the "work". With this in mind, individual uniqueness is taken into consideration as well as establishing boundaries. In all the remote sessions I facilitate, information regarding the success of the facilitation is accessed before actually going through the process.
Should I consult my physician prior to an Energy Medicine session?
This is a personal choice. Because all methods utalized by the doctors and practitioners are safe and non-invasive there are no dangers or risks to the individual. However, if you are experiancing chronic illness or have concerns we encourage dialogue and collaboration with your health care professional.
If you have any further questions you would like addressed, please feel free to contact us.