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Driving Directions
Montinique Kniffen
Montinique stumbled into the world of Energy many lifetimes ago and has consistently been guided by one of her teachers, Mary Anne Giacona. She graduated Cum Laude, with a Bachelors of Science in 2006 from Norfolk State University. Throughout college she had always been drawn to Energy Medicine, but life had brought administration into her immediate future, she has worked in Healthcare Administration for over seven years. The vast amount of time working in Neurology allowed her to view the beginning of the shift of Eastern Medicine into a Western culture. In addition, she was able to see the correlation between predominant attitudes, beliefs, mindsets, thoughts and surroundings and the role that they played in the healing process.
Montinique has worked with Mary Anne for over fifteen years and after one session was lead directly into her current work. During her apprenticeship she was given clear knowledge and guidance of aspects of healing that had been stored in her memory, but had not been tapped into at that point. Although, she will laugh as she tells people that she does not do anything except listen to the guidance of the many masters that she is allowed and honored to work with.
Montinique is a lover of shoes and is convinced that her high heels allow her to hear the angels clearly. She knows the power of the spirit and loves to watch as people connect with the spirit and the true nature of their soul. The love of spirit is one aspect that will always, immediately, bring tears of joy to her eyes. She became an ordained minister February 8, 2014
Services:  Energy Medicine, Spiritual Cleansing, & Life Coaching
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